Lauren Skelly Bailey

My work explores methods of making assemblage sculptures, conglomerations, installations, and figurines. I consider myself as an explorer, seeking new ways of layering, swirling, forcing, bending, breaking and reusing surfaces. A conversation between elements of nature emerges from her practice: flora, fauna, rocks, and the tooled objects made by man are called to mind. In combining them, I forge a new perspective of these elements.

There’s that sensation of falling for process, the chase of finding the unexpected and learning how it occurs. From that knowledge I attain, I make intentional decisions regarding textural surfaces, glazes, slips and clay applications, truly changing the context of the piece from a study to a solution. I respond to changes and observe balance in my work, seeking to push an uneasy tension between materials and form. Each new sculpture is a moment, something new that has been achieved or understood, taking me further into my experience with ceramics.

For Stacked & Cracked, the piece was initially a totem of processes I had come to learn in a short period of time. As much as I tried to pull away from the idea of a vessel, this form embodies as a decorative vessel. Greatly because of its bottom, which is casted from crystal candlestick holder from Goodwill. This piece is about changes, weathering, layering as a way to compact knowledge, and to mark those moments of unearthing my process.

All photo credit goes to Michael James Bailey.