• Corals, an exhibition at EMPL

    Corals, an exhibition at EMPL

    Corals, is an art exhibition featuring the ceramic works of Lauren Skelly Bailey. Lauren’s work explores methods of making assemblage sculptures, conglomerations, installations, and figurines revolving around the cyclical life of corals. This exhibition will survey new works created to bring awareness of coral bleaching events.

    Through recent research Lauren has found evidence that pre bleaching events, corals change their color pre bleaching, from vibrant colors to bright neon colors lime, light blue and pink. Their need to change color has to do with protecting themselve from the sun's UV rays warming the ocean, and the temperature rising. This color change allows corals to protect themselves similar to applying sunscreen. Through Building Corals Workshop on March 24th 2018, families will have the opportunity to use air-dry clay to create neon colored coral sculptures similar to those being currently found pre bleaching events. To sign up please contact the EMPL at 516-794-2570.

  • Pop Up Shop at West Elm, Providence, RI

    Pop Up Shop at West Elm, Providence, RI

    October 22nd from 12 to 4pm, I will be having a Pop Up Shop event at West Elm, in Wayland Square. The work brought with me can be previewed on Instagram @laurenskellybailey.

  • Corals in Public Places

    Corals in Public Places

    In my recent studio practice, my work has taken me outside the studio and on to Route 106 to install/display work up for grabs. Over the course of the new few weeks, pieces will be documented via Instagram with locations for pick up. Anyone is welcome to take a piece, or whole work home with them in exchange for a picture of them with the work or in their home. This project started during my residency at the Museum of Arts and Design, when I started planting work on the LIRR, in subways, on subways, and even on the sidewalks of the city. Every piece had a note about why, and what to do. Not everyone has access to Instagram, so other forms of contact where also left for the finder to use. Yesterday work was located at a high school, on a metal beam off Route 106, on a bench, near a pole and a few other spots. If you are interested in following along please feel free to follow on Instagram @laurenskellybailey. Later this week Route 106 from East Meadow down to the south shore will be next! Happy hunting, and if you do find a floral coral do me a solid -- post on IG with hashtag #lsbcoral.

  • Ceramic Innovations, Juror Chris Gustin

    Ceramic Innovations, Juror Chris Gustin

    My sculpture Coral Stack and installation Constructing Awkward Beauty will be feaured in the Ceramic Innovations exhibition at the Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA, April 1st- 29th. Ceramic Innovations is an international juried exhibition highlighting contemporary ceramics of emerging and established artists. The work ranges in functional forms, sculptures, and installations.

    Juror – Chris Gustin, Founding Member of the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, ME and Owner, Gustin Ceramics Tile Production.

    Gustin earned his BFA in ceramics in 1975 from Kansas City Art Institute and then his MFA in 1977 from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. His 20-year teaching career included terms at Parson’s School of Design, Boston University and the Swain School of Design (later Southeastern Massachusetts University, now University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth), where he headed the ceramics program. Along with other ceramicists, Gustin founded the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in 1986, which continues to offer residencies to artists from around the world. He now runs Gustin Ceramics Tile Production and produces large-scale sculptural and studio ceramics.

    Opening reception, Saturday April 1st 2017, 5-8pm

    Wayne Art Center
    413 Maplewood Ave., Wayne, PA 19087


  • On Thursdays I Talk Texture

    On Thursdays I Talk Texture

    Happy to share news that for the next few months, on Thursdays I will be working at the Museum of Arts & Design, as a resident artist from 10-5pm. My project is to document found textures and architectural elements in the city and to find ways to implement them into my ceramics installations and objects.

    More information can be found

  • Ruth & Harold Chenven Foundation Grant Awardee

    Ruth & Harold Chenven Foundation Grant Awardee

    Ruth & Harold Chenven Foundation awards grants to artists to continue their explorations, each year they pick several artists based on portfolio, artist statement and work proposal. This year I'm honored to say that I've been choosen to receive a cash grant to help purchase an air compressor to continue my explorations and studies in 3D printing parts for my geological sculptures and installations.